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Marli Sieburger


“Marli Sieburger” – A series of love books, intimate and grand, romance, searing and visionary.


Marli Sieburger’s long-awaited sequel to her popular title, Diamonds and Mildew & Diamonds and Destiny, is now available! Diamonds & Destiny is the saga of the Merlenes’ Dynasty, a story that journeys around the jewelry industry and forces the family members to engage in dangerous enterprises that soon become the source of awful misery. The characters’ ambitions are the stepping stone of their ultimate legacy. It is indeed the power of money and the fascination that people have for diamonds that control the course of their destiny.

The saga of the Merlenes dynasty starts in the streets of Paris in the nineteenth century and hasten extravagantly throughout America, Brazil, South Africa, and Greece.  The driving ambition of a young man sets the groundwork for many generations of his family to engage in reckless, vicious episodes of destiny.  The fascinating life of each Character, who dreams, loves, deceives, and kills, meticulously entangles with those who keep the faith, the loyalty, and devastating secrets of the family.

Diamonds & Mildew is a collection of four books.

One Dream, Many Tomorrows;
The Earth is Shining;
Satin, Passion, and Tears;
Shadows of a Legacy.

Diamonds & Destiny is also a collection of four books.

Secrets From Yesterday;
Dreams in the Wind;
Jewels, Misery, and Faith;
Flawless Supremacy.

Diamonds & Destiny

Diamonds & Destiny starts in America and rushes throughout France, Italy, China, India, and Australia. The Merlene’s and their enemies. Secrets, revenge, and ambition. The strength of these intriguing tales lies in the core of their faith.


Experience First Pages

“Sometimes Elizabeth, peace and money don’t take the same road. You do remember Victoria, don’t you? I would have killed her if she hadn’t accepted my ten million and left this house without her children. I want you to know that. I would have killed her. You must be strong, Elizabeth. Most of the time, money will help because people will do almost anything for money. However, we need to be prepared because, what would be next if they don’t fall for the money?”

“Children,” she said, “be faithful to your family. Depart from your passions but never from the family business. We possess what only a few people in this world have the privilege to possess— diamonds. Don’t forget that. Please, never forget that. And remember that I love you all.”

Following that, the cake was cut and everyone was served a piece.

Giovana got her portion, moved her chair, and sat down. She sat very close to her great-grandmother. She was so close that Catarina gave her a curious look, but said nothing. She was happy that Giovana was there next to her.

It took time for the guests and family members to hear Giovana. What suddenly occurred in the dining room was totally unexpected, and everyone failed to understand it. It took more than a minute, for each one to disconnect from joy and to engage in the cruel reality.

They all stopped in shock, looking to Giovana, and their eyes saw what they never could have imagined. There was no compassion in what they witnessed. While Giovana’s cry lessened the silence of the dining room, the family members and friends resembled statues of human beings, with an enormous dismay etching their expressions.


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